About Rancho El Carrizal

El Carrizal, Colón, Querétaro, Mexico

Our Story

Rancho El Carrizal represents over 2,100 hectares (~5,200 acres) of semi-desert wilderness in the El Zamorano mountain range.  Originally structured as a communal ejido and “working ranch”, the citizens of the small pueblo of El Carrizal, QRO (population 350) recently committed more that 80% of their land to the SEMARNAT UMA wildlife conservation and management program.  As proactive attempt to conserve native flora and fauna and provide additional income for a small, rural community, more than 1,800 hectares (~4,500 acres) has been made available for ecotourism adventures. 

Come experience our hospitality, food catering, and expert knowledge of horses, livestock, and native flora and fauna ensure that your visit is safe, comfortable, and memorable. We have more than 32 kilometers of trails cleared for hiking and horseback-riding, two separate cabin areas (both waterfront and in the mountains), 7 anthropological sites to explore with ancient rock paintings, and plenty of undisturbed mountain wilderness for backcountry camping or deer hunting (season Dec-Feb).

We are located less than 50 kilometers (~30 miles) from the Queretaro International Airport and only a short distance from the Peña de Bernal (a 433-metre monolith) and the wineries of the Tequisquiapan region. Come experience the slower paced rural life of El Carrizal, QRO with breathtaking vistas overlooking the municipal capital of Colon and the presa La Soledad.

We can accommodate groups, large and small for 1 day or multiday horseback rides, hiking, fishing, camping, hiking, hunting, or splunking adventures. We look forward to making your visit both memorable and enjoyable.

INAH-UNAM Anthropologists & Community members
Tienda El Carrizal

Extraordinary Experiences

Experience the true Mexican culture while exploring nature on our mountainous ranch.  Enjoy the wide open spaces, mountain vistas, native flora and fauna, as our guest. Let our families show you the hospitality of the Colón municipal countryside, and assist you and your family in tailoring an unforgettable, natural experience.

Here are just some of the experiences that we offer:

  • Single or multiday horseback riding adventures
  • Hiking
  • Hunting
  • Birdwatching
  • Backcountry Tent Camping
  • Waterfront or Mountain cabins
  • Fishing
  • Mountain biking
  • Splunking and Canyoning

Catered meals are available at your request.

Our Core Values

As a small community-supported business, we will do everything in our power to ensure that your wilderness experience with us is both memorable and safe.  Please know that your support of Rancho El Carrizal, including the SEMARNAT UMAs Los del Carrizal and Las Adjuntas, extends directly to the 70+ family households making up El Carrizal, QRO and the flora and fauna conservation efforts across their semi-desert wilderness expanse. 

Our Core Values include: