Community Experiences

Here you will find some additional unique experiences for you and your family to enjoy while visiting El Carrizal, Querétaro and the Colón municipality.

Presa La Soledad

Seafood Restaurants & Blackberry Farms

Just around the corner from El Carrizal, QRO is the Presa La Soledad, a large lake for recreation and relaxing by the water. Friends and family can enjoy horseback or 4-wheeler rides along the beach, or fishing, swimming and boating adventures in the water. There are 4 seafood restaurants on the north shore of the lake that offer excellent cuisine and famous Micheladas. Immediately below the irrigation dam is a 'Pick your Own' Blackberry Farm which sells jams, juices and other fresh fruits throughout the year.

Salitrera, Querétaro

Hacienda Ecoturístico

If your family and friends choose not to rent one of our backcountry cabins in the mountains of El Carrizal, but would like to stay in the area to enjoy the tranquility of the countryside or to enjoy more time on water at Presa La Soledad, the small pueblo of Salitrera, QRO boasts a recently renovated historical hacienda that will certainly cater to your more upscale lodging or special event needs.

San Miguel, Tolimán

San Miguel Cervezaria Artesanal

Another landmark which should not be missed is the artisanal brewery in the nearby pueblo of San Miguel, QRO. Only 16 kilometers from El Carrizal, on the way to Toliman, is the San Miguel Cevezeria. This hidden gem is open on weekends and boasts and excellent array of local brews from pale ales and red ales to porters.

Colón, Querétaro

Basílica del Soriano y Flor de Alfalfa artesanal cheese dairy

The nearby Basílica del Soriano is undoubtedly the most famous landmark in the Colón municipality and should not be missed during your next visit! Built between 1880 and 1912 with neoclassical architectural characteristics, it is the center of worship of an image of the Virgin Mary in her dedication to Nuestra Señora de los Dolores de Soriano and annually receives more than two million pilgrims. Also, while visiting Colón, QRO, be sure to stop in at the Flor de Alfalfa artesanal cheese dairy farm for a tour or simply to sample some incredible local yogurt and cheeses! Since 1995, the La Hondonada ranch has been producing dairy products from a breed of Jersey cows right here in Colón, QRO. The ranch has a remarkable commitment to recycling and renewable energies to further offset the impact of animal production on the local environment.

Ezequiel Montes, Querétaro

Wineries and Vineyards

There are an abundance of quality wine vineyards in the nearby Eziquel Montes-Tequisquiapan, QRO area approximately 40 kilometers from El Carrizal that should not be missed during your visit. Locally popular and world-renowned brands including, La Redonda, DeCote, Donato, and Freixenet, take advantage of the Querétaro semi-desert climate and more than 300 days of sunshine to produce some incredible tasting wines each year. Be sure to check out their websites for the most timely information for seasonal vineyard experiences and tours for you and your family.