Caving (Spelunking) and Canyoning

El Carrizal, Colón, Querétaro, Mexico

Explore an old Tin Mine or our many Caves and Caverns

Join us for a guided exploration of the old tin mine named ‘La Bocona’ on Rancho El Carrizal extending some 300 meters into the volcanic extrusive bedrock.  The area is known as ‘El Picacho’, and the horizontal mine shaft is now home to a Mexican freetail bat colony.  Tin was actively mined in ‘El Pichacho’ from the 1940s until 1959 by notable local miners including David Pérez, Miguel Vizcaya, and José Uribe.

Guided mine and cave tours start at $400 pesos per group.  Be sure to bring your own headlamp, or you can rent one from us for a nominal cost.

In addition, there are a multitude of more shallow caves and caverns on the UMA Los del Carrizal  1,800 hectare (~4,450 acre) ranch to explore.  Many fall along our 16 hiking trails with some caverns having provided shelter to ancient indigenous Chichimeca tribes (cerca 1000-1500 years AD) as evidenced by ancient rock paintings and artwork at 7 different anthropological sites on the ranch. 

Let our locally trained guides direct you to other caves and caverns home to native fauna species using these shelters as dens to raise their young, however please tread lightly as many of our caves are home to threatened flora species as well.

Many of our igneous volcanic rock formations and canyons are well-suited for rock climbing, bouldering and canyoning adventures, and we are always available to collaborate with professional guide services with these more specific, adrenaline-inducing extra-curricular activities as well. 

We look forward to making your geological explorations in the El Carrizal mountains both memorable and enjoyable, please let us know how we might best tailor your next adventure.