In the heart of Colón, Querétaro

Explore an old tin mine or our Caves and Caverns

Find numerous caves along 16 hiking trails that offer fascinating insights into the past. Some serve as shelters for ancient indigenous Chichimeca tribes (1,000 – 1,500 AD), evident from ancient rock paintings and artwork found at anthropological sites across the ranch. Please tread lightly as some as many of our caves are home to threatened flora species as well.

Our old tine mine, La Bocona extends 300 meters into volcanic extrusive bedrock. The mine was active from the 1940’s until 1959 and is now home to a Mexican free-tailed bat colony. 

What to bring

Make sure to bring a flashlight or your own headlamp, a light jacket (temperatures can get chilly once you're in the cave), weather- appropriate clothing, sturdy shoes, and a fist aid kit.


Guided tours start at $400 MXN/group/day.