Camping and Cabins

El Carrizal, Colón, Querétaro, Mexico

Cabins And/or Tent Camping

Whether your preference is cabins by the lake or in the mountains, each have restrooms and large dedicated areas for cooking and entertaining. 

Cabin Prices (Mexican Pesos):

Lakeside Cabin (Presa Las Adjuntas) – Sleeps 10

1 night = $2500

2 nights = $3000

One week = $6000

Mountain Cabins (Cabañas de Madera) – Sleeps 8

1 night = $1500

2 nights = $2500

One week = $5000

Try your hand at fishing for perch in the presa Las Adjuntas or explore our extensive 32 kilometer network of backcountry trails on foot of horseback. While the fishing is free (no permit required), horses are available for rent starting at $600 per day.  Bring your own food and drink or allow us to cater your party, starting at only $250 pesos/day.

Tent sites are available nearby or in the backcountry for those desiring a more affordable and closer encounter with the natural mountain surroundings.

Tentsite Prices (Mexican Pesos):

Tentsites with Cabin rental (1-4 person tent):

1-2 nights = $180

1 week = $400

Backcountry tentsites (1-4 person tent):

1 night = $100

2 nights = $180

1 week = $500